5 Reasons You Need A Virtual Assistant

Lifestyle / Monday, October 1st, 2018

As bloggers or online creative we have a lot on our plates and in an effort to keep costs down, we tend to do all the work ourselves instead of outsourcing someone to help increase the productivity of your business.

Have you heard the phrase “time is money”? Hiring help can actually help you increase your revenue and allow you the time to spend doing what you love or hanging out with family and friends. So by hiring a virtual assistant, you are winning in two ways. First, this will allow you to focus on other aspects of your business. And you will work less on daily activities allowing you to spend more time doing what love with who you love.

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Increase productivity

Ever feel like there are not enough hours in the day. As though you worked hard all day only to realize you have not accomplished nearly as much as you had hoped? Hiring a virtual assistant can help increase your productivity. A virtual assistant can take some of the day to day tasks off your hands to allow you to focus on other tasks that need to be completed.

Help with a task you have no desire to do

Running a business may seem glamorous but the truth is it isn’t. You can’t sit down at your computer and just start an online business and set it on autopilot. There are day to day activities that need to be completed in order to keep your business running. And let’s face it those tasks are tedious and keep you from the areas of your business you love. Hiring a virtual assistant takes some of that load off your back and completes the day to day activities you don’t like to do. And because that is their focus they can usually complete it in a much faster timeframe.

Decrease Stress

Ever sit down to plan your week and are overwhelmed with all you have to do? Does the stress of running your business have you wanting to throw in the towel? Having someone who works on the daily activities of your business reduces stress significantly and allows you to work on what you love.

Help Marketing

Coming up with and executing a marketing plan can be time-consuming and difficult. It’s often an area business owners neglect. Not only are you driving traffic to your site you can also view analytics to help you understand what methods are or aren’t working.

Expand your expertise

Although you are an expert in your business, chances are you have not mastered all the skills needed to run your business. By hiring a virtual assistant you are expanding the expertise within your business. You can hire a general virtual assistant who is a jack of all trades or a find one who specializes in a specific area you need help.

What’s Next?

Before hiring a virtual assistant, create a list of tasks you are willing to hand off to an assistant. Set up cloud folders to drop photos and documents into. Develop documents or videos explaining how to complete these tasks. These will help when training your new virtual assistant.

Not sure if you are ready for a virtual assistant? Put feelers out there and look for an assistant early. You never know what you will find. Hiring a virtual assistant early in your business can help you get your business going on the right foot.


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9 Replies to “5 Reasons You Need A Virtual Assistant”

  1. I loved this! I honestly thought getting a VA would mean MORE work (having to explain everything, having to check up on them etc.) but actually it’s been a life-saver!

  2. It would definitely help decrease my stress if I had a virtual assistant! It would also probably make me a bit more organized. Love this.

  3. I always thought that once your business actually starts to get traction is when you should hire help, not when you first start. You have a valid point on this topic and I can see why. But what would you advice if you are on a tight budget. Would you say to work around your budget or try to figure out another way?

    D, xo || from https://livereamcreate-d.com

  4. I never thought of hiring a VA for a specific period of time only or even just to do a few jobs. Not sure what exactly I would need help on as I still feel like a newbie blogger even though it has be almost a year now. How do you usually start off with a VA?

    D, xo || from https://livedreamcreate-d.com

  5. Is there such a thing as a temporary VA? I’ve considered hiring one when I go on my cruise in January. I’ll have very spotty internet reception and honestly? I just want to enjoy my vacation!

    1. You can hire a VA for as long as you need them. So yes absolutely! And that is what a VA is here for, to help you enjoy family, friends, vacations, life! Whatever that is for you a VA is there to help take work off your plate so you can have fun knowing your business is being taken care of!

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