Genius Time Management Tips for Busy Moms

Lifestyle / Monday, August 6th, 2018

Is time management not your thing? Do you find yourself looking for ways to improve your time management? Or that there is not enough time to complete all your daily tasks? If so, you are not alone. I am a self-proclaimed multi-tasker who has learned over the years that multitasking actually decreased my productivity and I needed to improve my time management skills. 

After this realization, I had to take a good look at how I managed my time and what areas needed improvement. From this, I have created seven ways to get more done in my day. Following these tips have helped me not only improve my time management but be more efficient in my daily activities, blogging and my business. Time management tips for busy moms

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Create a To Do List using the 25/5 Rule

Make a list of 25 things you would like to accomplish. From that list choose 5, and put the remaining 20 off to the side. Prioritize those 5 and focus your intentions on those for the day or week. I love this rule. Some days I have so much going on in my head and I feel I am being pulled in every which direction. When I implement the 25/5 rule I have more clarity, I am able to prioritize and accomplish more throughout the week.

Set a time to check emails

I can get lost in my emails and social media. I check them all throughout the day. Am I being productive though? Doubt it. Why waste time throughout the day? Plan two to three times a day where you will spend a few minutes a day checking email and social media.

Work in short bursts of time

The average person’s attention span is 50 minutes. So why work yourself to death for hours. Give yourself a moment to take a break and do something you love, take a walk or do absolutely nothing at all. Refresh your mind and body so you can be more productive throughout the day.

Don’t multitask…Batch tasks instead

I love to batch tasks, specifically with my Virtual Assistance business. This allows my brain to focus on one specific task at a time before moving on to something new. I find I am more efficient throughout the day and can really tackle my tasks. While I love to say I am a multitasker. I have found, focusing on one thing at a time is much more efficient.

Stop being a yes man

I tend to say yes to a lot of things despite having time to complete it or not. It is time to stop saying yes to everything. You may, like me, feel you can multitask and get everything done but going back to the last don’t get a much done as you think when you multitask. So stop saying yes to everything and only take on the work you can do.

Go to bed early and wake up early

This is a hard one for me. I am a night owl. When I was younger I could go to bed anywhere from midnight or 2 am and wake up at 6 am no problem. Those days are well behind me. While I am still up very late, I sleep in a lot. In fact, my kids are my alarm clock, which means I am not getting much done in the morning with them being awake. Going to bed at a decent hour and being able to sleep a full 7-8 hours even with waking up an hour before the kids are the key to productivity for me.

time management hacks

Use a planner

Do you find yourself trying to remember what you need to do? A few years ago I bought my first planner. I have not used a planner since High School. Remember the ones you get at the beginning of the school year. It took me about 4 months before I actually cracked open this planner but once I started using it, I was hooked. Without getting wrapped up in planner stickers a physical planner is great for getting your to-do list down, and any appointments. I am old school and love writing things down. It helps me to remember better but also just good for me to get my thoughts on paper. My favorite planner is the Erin Condren Life Planner.  However, I do not shy away from digital tools and resources. If you aren’t using Google Calendar you need to. I primarily use Google Calendar for appointments. Nothing beats having an alert on your phone reminding you of an upcoming appointment. I also like using the Evernote app for jotting down quick notes throughout the day. I plan my week out each Sunday and using these three items I am able to keep my life in order.

What are some of your time management techniques that help you get through the day? Want to see the one tool I use to keep my day in order get your copy of my mom’s daily planner.


Genius Time Management Tips For Busy Mom - Mom In Combat Boots. Seven simple tips to save time as a busy mom. Time hacks for busy moms.

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7 Replies to “Genius Time Management Tips for Busy Moms”

  1. The stop being a yes mom is something I truly struggle with!! Also the stop multitasking is something that I totally see the benefit from, but it would be hard for me to do.

  2. Love these tips! I work from home with a toddler so time management is crucial in our home haha and my planner is such an important one for me. My whole life can be found in my planner haha

  3. ALL these tips are GENIUS!!! I struggle with setting times to check email and social media. I can also struggle with the planner. I always have such great plans for a planner (HA!) but I always ended up with a scrap of paper and my to-do list on that. I am grateful for my Google Calendar, though.

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