Mom’s Day Out – Louisville

Lifestyle, Motherhood / Wednesday, August 16th, 2017

Mom’s Day Out in Louisville

Where are my military ladies at?? Ever been TDY and sat in your room on the weekend wondering what to do? Just sitting around missing your kids? Wondering if it’s ok for a mom’s day out?

Don’t worry that is totally me too! Sometimes I get so sad not being with my kids that I feel I should sit around my room, not enjoying myself. Well this past TDY while at Fort Knox, I decided to take a little trip to Louisville, KY. It’s no more than a 45 minute drive from Fort Knox, so why not take a little time for myself and explore. You see, what many mamas don’t realize is it is ok to take a little me time when you are away from your kids. I knew they were safe, that my mom was taking good care of them. They were eating well, sleeping just fine, and making it to and daycare in one piece. So what was I doing sitting around missing out on life, while my kids were still living their life. It was time for a little mom’s day out trip.

Moms day out Louisville

The Plan..

So the original plan was to head up to the Louisville Caverns and do a zipline tour. This trip was sort of last minute and so I didn’t think to make a reservation ahead of time. On our drive I found out they were booked for the day and we could do the tram tour instead…I wasn’t going in the caverns to sit on a tram, so we foregoed that plan and instead explored the city. If you are interested in ziplining through a cavern, which I am sure is pretty awesome, check out the Louisville Mega Caverns.


What Really Happened..

Since ziplining was off the table, we decided to tour the city. First stop The Silver Dollar for brunch. I ordered the waffle with fruit compote and a side of bacon. And no trip to Louisville would be complete without a Mint Julep! Delish!

On our walk to The Silver Dollar, we passed a record shop. If you know me you know I love a hot track on vinyl so of course I stopped at Guest Room Records. Didn’t end up purchasing anything but loved wandering through the store.

Did Someone Say Hunger Games

Next stop, the Hunger Games exhibit at the Frazier Museum, as a girl who loves her Hunger Games, I felt it was fitting to stop in. It was a great exhibit, explaining where the author drew her idea for the books as well as showcasing the clothing throughout the movie. Fantastic. And since we were literally across the street, we stopped at the Louisville Slugger Museum. If you are active duty military you get in free! And if you take the included tour you get a free mini bat! This was my second time at the Louisville Slugger Museum, and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t in it for the free mini bat.

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

I am always surprised that Louisville doesn’t have a baseball team. I mean they have the Louisville Slugger. If you are just as surprised. I will remind you there is not major league baseball team in Louisville, KY. But they do have a minor league team, the Louisville Bats, who just happened to have a game that evening so why not. What else was I doing with my night.

But first an early dinner! We stopped at the Sidebar for burgers…and of course a bourbon drink. And both were amazing!

If you are ever TDY to Fort Knox, or just happen to be near Louisville, KY I highly suggest visiting this fun city. There is so much to do, see and try. I will never waste another TDY to Fort Knox sitting in my room. Louisville, here I come!

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