Make 2018 Your Year of Self-Care

Lifestyle, Motherhood / Saturday, January 13th, 2018

As busy working moms, we tend to get so overwhelmed with our day to day work schedule, maintaining a household, deciding what to cook for dinner and taking care of the kids. Because let’s face it, the kids can and will take up as much time as you allow.

Do you find yourself stressed and overwhelmed at work, home projects pile up and you pack a ton of “To Do’s” on your beautifully monogrammed planner? What does this lead to? Eating less and skipping meals, working out less if at all. And you stop making time for catching up with girlfriends and having any sort of adult interaction. Your social life is now non-existent.


Make 2018 Your Year of Self-Care

Take time out for yourself to recharge or relieve stress. For me, self-care means taking care of myself in order to be more effective at work and a better mom and wife at home. Without it, I am cranky, irritable and stressed.

Self- Care is more than just the basics

Self-care is more than just food, water, and sleep. Self-care is taking part in activities that positively affect your mental and physical health. Whether that be meeting a girlfriend for coffee or going to a yoga class. Everyone is different and there are so many ways you can positively affect your health. The end result is to create a good balance and work and home, have less stress and are physically taken care of.

Self-Care is not a reward

When you are working hard and tell yourself you will take a break to get a snack or eat lunch once you have completed a task is not the right answer. You’re causing your body to run on fumes, thus making it work harder to keep you going. Instead of holding off on that quick bite, take a couple minute break, grab water, and a snack to recharge before completing that task.

Don’t use self-care as a reward, make it a habit.

Self-Care improves physical and mental health

Prolonged stress can take a toll on your body and mind. Stress causes physical concerns like muscle tension, tension and migraine headaches, increase heart rate, and increased blood pressure. Neuroscientists at the University of California, Berkley have found chronic stress can lead to anxiety and mood disorders, even learning difficulties.

2017 seemed to be the year of stress for me and my family. I’ve committed to making 2018 a year of self-care, not only to improve close relationships and improve life at home but to take care of my body inside and out. This year I will commit to 1 hour a day dedicated to myself.

How does taking care of yourself help you in your everyday life?

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