Is Daily Burn for You?

Fit Mommy / Sunday, May 13th, 2018

Can Daily Burn Work For You?

If you are like me you like to work out and need a quick naptime workout but not quite sure where to find the workout or what you should be doing. There are a ton of apps out there depending on your fitness goals it can be hard to choose. In April, I tested out the Daily Burn’s 30-day free trial and was happy to find such a wide range of workouts. They have everything from cardio, kickboxing, HIIT, mobility, yoga, pilates, strength training and more. Seriously, if you can think of it, Daily Burn most likely has it. And each program tells you if it is for a beginner, intermediate or advanced workout.


Daily Burn is super affordable at $14.95 a month. This is significantly cheaper than a gym membership and you won’t feel guilty if you skip a day. Minimal equipment is required, so you don’t have to worry about the expenses some equipment may cost. There is a 30 day trial period to see if this program is worth it for you, which I highly suggest you try out!

What I Like

Daily Burn has over 1200 workouts across 32 different programs. If you are like me and just need to fit in a quick workout in between naps Daily Burn has workouts a quick as 15 minutes. But the average is around 30 minutes. When I am running behind and still want to get a workout in,  I pop on a 15-minute workout and am done before the kids wake up. As moms, we rarely have a full hour to work out, let alone time to actually get away to the gym. This is perfect for someone who doesn’t have the time for the gym and wants to stay in shape. You literally have hundreds of workouts at your fingertips. And many require very little equipment.


What I Disliked

Daily Burn has a live online class each day. If you want to switch up your workout regularly this is a great program, each day is a different workout and different instructor. While the live classes were cool, the program is different each day. One day might be a dance class and the next a cardio sculpt.  I didn’t find any of the workouts to fit with my workout plan and fitness goals.

You must be connected to your WiFi or cell network since Daily Burn is a streaming program, and videos cannot be downloaded. And if you use your phone like I do, it drains the battery quickly.

Daily Burn provides nutritional advice that is sent periodically via email. If you’ve seen my inbox, those are bound to get lost. Would like the nutrition to be included in the app.

Closing Thoughts

If you are looking for a workout that can be done at home in 30 minutes or less, Daily Burn is for you. If you are more interested in weightlifting and gym equipment, it’s probably best you stick with the gym membership.


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9 Replies to “Is Daily Burn for You?”

    1. Yes! It is great for someone who might be too busy for the gym. I wake up early get a good workout on and start my day. I don’t leave the house and I don’t pay the expensive gym prices.

  1. Great insight! I’ve never heard of this program before. I do love lifting and creating my own workouts so I guess this program probably wouldn’t be the best for me! Thanks for sharing ☺️

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