5 Super Simple Tips To Blog As A Busy Mom

Blogging, Lifestyle / Saturday, April 27th, 2019

You are interested in starting a blog as maybe a hobby or a business but are overwhelmed with everything else going on in your life. Or maybe you have started your blog but it has taken a back seat to everything else in your life. Whatever the case, something has gotten in between you and being a consistent writer. And I know, it probably feels like you are being pulled in every direction and you could use a few more hours each day.

I am here to tell you, you have plenty of time to add the blog to your list. It is all in how you prioritize the 168 hours you have each week. Here are a few simple tips to help you work on your blog.

5 Super simple tips to blog as a busy mom5 ways to make time to blog

Set blogging hours

If you work full time or have young kids who are not in school it can be hard to find time to blog, because well, you are busy during the day.

Sit down with your weekly planner or calendar and determine when you have time not allocated to work or the kids that you can use to blog. For me, I have dedicated 2 hours each night to work on my blog and business. I also have 15 minutes during my morning routine dedicated to one thing that can help my blog.

Not really into late nights, try waking up a little earlier and spend that time working uninterrupted. Do you have time to work on your blog during your lunch break or nap times? If I am working on a tight deadline, I will spend 20-30 mins of my lunch hour and knock out a portion of my project. The goal is to find those times where you aren’t really doing anything else but could be working on your blog.

Create a weekly schedule and editorial calendar

Going along the lines of setting blog hours is having an editorial calendar. With this calendar, you are identifying when you plan to work on specific tasks. Because blogging is so much more than just writing. You’ll have days designated for writing, publishing, promoting and list building, etc. Find a good printable calendar and get your work schedule out of your mind and on paper. And stick to it. Having a set editorial calendar will create a routine that you will easily fall into and can anticipate.

erin condren life planner

Know your goals and invest in them

If your goal is to move from a hobby blog to a monetized blog you will have to invest in your blog. Both in time and money. There is so free much information on the internet. And trust me I have signed up for most of it, but if you have no real direction you can find yourself signing up for every shiny Free product and not really go anywhere. If you are just starting out, don’t do it alone. Check out Suzi’s course Blog by the Number. By far the best course I have seen to help you set up your blog on WordPress. If there are other areas of your blog you are struggling with, like list building or affiliate marketing, I have listed a few great courses on my resources page.

Don’t waste time, trying to piece everything together. It will leave you stressed and down that, you can’t get your blog off the ground.

Accountability partner – husband? Best friend?

Ever get in a slump where you just don’t want to do anything? And there is no one there to help you out! Enter your accountability partner. This could be another blogger, someone who knows what you are going through or a good friend or significant other. Someone that can help you stay on track and moving towards your goal.

Blogging as a busy womanDisconnect 

In our very much connected world, this one can be hard. But you gotta put down the phone. Ever notice how much time you can waste scrolling through social media? Get that time back by disconnecting from your phone and focusing solely on the task for that time period.

You want your designated time to work to be focused on work.

TV is also a huge distraction. I have tried many times to work and Netflix. It does not work well for me. To combat this, I schedule my Netflix time on Friday nights. A time when I want to wind down from a full week of work. I literally spend hours catching up on TV but in the end, it is worth it knowing I was able to complete so much with my blog and still have time to veg out on the couch.


Implementing these steps into your week will help you integrate those blogging tasks and allow for you to work towards growing a successful blog. What are some other ways you find time to blog as a busy mom?


5 Super Simple Tips To Blog As A Busy Mom- Mom In Combat Boots. Want to blog but can't find the time. With these simple habits you can successfully manage a blog as a busy mom.

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16 Replies to “5 Super Simple Tips To Blog As A Busy Mom”

  1. These are awesome tips! It’s definitely hard to balance home/work life and blogging sometimes. It would definitely help to set blogging hours each day, thanks for the tip!

  2. I like the idea of setting blogging hours! It’s easy to get off track when you work from home and go down the rabbit hole of chores or something else! I have to stay really focused to use my time efficiently.

  3. These are so helpful! I’m not a mom yet, but really busy and I agree, setting aside just a few minutes in the morning for a few specific things really helps get the ball rolling with blogging!

  4. These are great tips to juggle blogging and home life as a busy mom. I definitely need to practice more disconnecting. I love the idea of having an accountability partner, genius!

    1. Anitra, having an accountability partner is amazing. Mine is another blogger and we try to meet monthly to discuss what we are working on and how we can help them achieve their goals for the month. It’s great!

  5. Oh, this is good! I definitely would benefit from setting some blogging hours. I usually just default to “it will happen when it happens”… and then it doesn’t. Ha! Great tips 🙂

  6. This is a great list. I have recently begun to schedule blogging time into my day, it has helped so much! It’s so easy to go through the day planning on having time to work on my website “later” but something always seems to get in the way. I still need some work on the disconnecting part, social media can really suck you in sometimes!!


    1. Social media is such a time suck. I have found that I spend waaaaayyy too much time just scrolling through Instagram for no real reason. But I don’t need my phone to blog so I have made a point to put my phone in another room when I am working on my blog.

  7. These are great tips on how to manage your time to work on your blog! I work on my blog and all the fun surrounding it EVERY DAY. I’ve learned that if you want your blog to be successful you must treat it like a business, not an online diary that you write on willy nilly with no sense of structure. I think if beginner bloggers used these tips, it will definitely contribute to their success.

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