About Me


The Blog.

Whether you’re a working mom, a stay at home mom or a work from home mom, life can be overwhelming and we tend to neglect our own health in the process. I have learned over the years to find time throughout the day to focus on myself and I want to help you get there as well.

I am not an expert but I have been through and seen a lot and want to help other working mothers navigate through this journey of motherhood. My goal is to help other mothers deal with the struggles of managing a household and their fitness along with a full-time career and have a little fun on the side.


So you might be wondering who I am and why I have decided to put my life out there in cyberspace for everyone to read. Well, I am a mom to two wonderful kids, wife to an amazing husband and Army Soldier. I have spent the last few years mentoring other female Soldiers on life in the military with kids. I’ve always thought hmm, I am getting so many questions and providing so many of my tips and tricks that maybe I should put this all on paper. And that is basically how Mom in Combat Boots manifested.

Where it all began.

I am an Air Force brat born in Florida but lived most of my life in Virginia. I am one of two girls. The youngest actually, in fact, there was an 11-year difference between my sister and me.

As a young child, I loved running after her, annoying her and just being the best little sister she could ask for despite her being annoyed. Little did she know we would grow up to be best friends.

Once my sister left for college and to embark on a life of her own, I began to play sports. I tried gymnastics, was told I was too tall and moved on to dance. I didn’t stay long there and tried ice skating. Not really sure why I didn’t stay long there. Probably fear of falling on the ice. When I finally started playing soccer I knew I would stay here awhile. I played with a local community league and moved up to travel soccer league where we played all over Northern Virginia.

Once in High School, I tried out for the soccer team, was a starter for the JV team and alternate for the Varsity team. One of maybe 2 freshmen to be listed on both the JV and Varsity team. I soon took to running track and became a valuable member of the team and finding my niche in hurdles and the long and triple jump.

Then came a family.

After college, while in Korea I connected with my husband and the rest is history. Since our marriage in 2009, we have grown by two dogs and two amazing kids. Our lives have been anything but easy. We have moved a number of times, I went through a life-threatening surgery and experienced the loss of my sister. Going through all this together has made us stronger as a family.