10 Date Night Ideas for Busy Parents

Parenting / Sunday, June 18th, 2017

 10 Date Night Ideas for Busy Parents

Like many couples, you’re probably very busy, like don’t have time to plan a date night busy…like so busy with the kids you forget date night is even a thing. Of course, the go to is dinner and a movie, but that can be boring and how much talking and reconnecting is happening during a movie?? I mean really! If you do decide to do dinner and a movie, make sure your conversation focuses less on the kids and more on your interests, current events or even a little gossip.

So let’s dive into some of my fun date night ideas for busy parents.

Mini Golf

Time to hit the course. Not a golfer?? Well, you don’t have to be and these 18 holes are sure to bring on some competition! Want to add a little extra competition most mini golf courses also have batting cages. Get in there and hit some homers!


Grab a beer or soda, nachos or pizza and hit the lanes. I like this idea because not only is it relatively inexpensive some locations may have specials during weeknights. Just make sure you choose a non-bowling league night. We have definitely been turned away for trying to bowl an hour before league players arrived.

Ice Cream and a Walk

Let’s be honest, sometimes just having a little dessert is all you need. Ry and I like to walk around Target with our ice cream and design our house or look at new gadgets. We always end up leaving with ice cream in our bellies and a cart full of goodies no one remembers grabbing.

Trampoline Park 

If you haven’t tried one of these yet it is truly a must! Anyone else with a kid in tumbling or gymnastics and watch them jealously wishing you were on the trampoline too. Here is your chance.


If you live in an area with gorgeous trails..and not so gorgeous trails, take a hike! It’s fun and FREE! Who doesn’t like free??


You may not be the best painter, I sure am not, plan a night out at a place like Pinot’s Palette or Painting with a Twist. They have fun couples nights where you each paint half of a painting or you can see who paint it best and each do your own.


Have two left feet? Not really into going to a club? Try taking a dance class/lesson. Many local dance studios have dance events where they’ll teach various dances.

Go for a Walk

Sometimes just an afternoon stroll is all you need. Gives you a chance to talk without being interrupted by the littles. We like to go to a local park or lake forw our evening childless strolls.

Ice Skating

When was the last time you went ice skating? We’ve tried this a couple of times for date night..always unsuccessful on my part ha, surprising since I took ice skating lessons for a few years as a kid.

Concert/Movie in the Park

Many towns have free movies or concerts in the park. Snuggle up together and enjoy the tunes or the movie.


There are so many fun inexpensive ways to reconnect with your spouse, that take little to no planning. So call your babysitter and get back to connecting with your spouse. 

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